Thursday, February 23, 2012

Want the Crown of a King?

This was something I came across the other day while looking for funny dental tidbits online. 

In two days time, Omega Auctions in the UK, will auction off a full dental model with extra replacement crown made by Elvis' dentist in Memphis, Henry J Weiss.  The model and crown come with multipule letters of authencitity from his dentists wife & sons. 

Dr. Weiss always kept the the mold and crown on hand in the event of a chip or other damage done to the permanent and even dubbed it "the kings crown". 

When this unusual item of rock memorabilia hits the auction bloack it is expected to fetch upwards of $15,000.  That's one really expensive crown!  And don't we all wish that we could afford to get two just in case something happened?

Have any interesting experiences with getting your crowns that you want to share?  Send us a comment we'd love to hear them.


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