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Happy New Years Eve!

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Happy Holiday's

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Remember Pearl Harbor

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Oral Cancer Kills

30,000 new cases of oral cancer are diagnosed each year and 9,000 people die.  Oral cancer is more common than leukemia, skin melanoma, Hodgkin's disease and cancers of the brain, liver, thyroid, stomach, ovaries & cervix. 

If you find something in your mouth get it checked out!

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Taking Care of your Gums can help your baby

It is estimated that 18% of the 250,000 premature babies born in the US each year may be attributed to infectious oral disease. 

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Do you brush correctly?

These are the most common mistakes, make sure you don't make them:
  • rinsing the mouth after brushing (so losing the protective fluoride we get from toothpaste)
  • brushing only once per day
  • not using a circular action with the brush
  • missing some teeth
  • not brushing for long enough
  • not brushing the area where the teeth meet the gums effectively

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Brushing After Meals?

Even though we have all been taught this is the proper thing to do, if you brush too close after your meal you can be doing more damage than good.

Brushing within half an hour of eating a meal or drinking a cup of coffee could ensure your teeth suffer worse damage. 

After drinking soda or acidic drinks, the acid burns into the enamel of your teeth - and the layer below the enamel, called 'dentin'.

Brushing at the 'wrong' time - particularly within 20 minutes of finishing a meal - can drive the acid deeper into your teeth, corroding them far faster than they would have rotted by themselves.

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