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Do you like Sesame Seeds?

Sesame seeds reduce plaque and help build tooth enamel. They are also very high in calcium.

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Did you know

It may surprise you to know that 60% of 15-year-olds experience gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease. Gingivitis, which involves the gums but not the underlying bone and ligament, is almost always caused by an accumulation of plaque. As with cavities, treatment can be expensive.

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Tooth Surfaces

So hopefully when you go to the dentist there isn't a list of cavities that need to be fixed but if there are, the chart below will help you understand where they are on each tooth.  The first letter of the surface is used on a treatment plan to show where the dentist found them, so the more letters you see the bigger the cavity. 

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Parents Day is Today!

Get your kids to do some stuff for you today

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Sensitive Teeth? See your dentist!

If you have teeth that are sensitive to heat, cold, and pressure, you may want to try a special toothpaste for sensitive teeth. But you'll still need to talk to your dentist about your sensitivity because it may indicate a more serious problem, such as a cavity or nerve inflammation (irritation).

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More Veggie Knowledge

Celery protects teeth by producing saliva which neutralizes acid that causes cavities.
It also massages the teeth and gums.

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Did you know .... Tartar

About 1 person in 10 has a tendency to accumulate tartar quickly. Tartar is plaque in a hardened form that is more damaging and difficult to remove. Using anti-tartar toothpastes and mouthwashes, as well as spending extra time brushing the teeth near the salivary glands (the inside of the lower front teeth and the outside of the upper back teeth) may slow the development of new tartar.

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Pregnancy & Dental Work

Remember dental work during pregnancy is safe.
The best time for treatment is between the 14th and 20th weeks.
In the last months, you might be uncomfortable sitting in a dental chair.

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Drink your Water

Living in the Rocky Mountains we should all be used to drinking as much water as we can during the day but did you know water also cleans the mouth and produces saliva that deposits essential minerals into the teeth. It keeps gums hydrated and washes away particles from the teeth. 
So keep drinking up!

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Happy 4th of July!

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Onions can help your teeth!

Onions contain antibacterial sulfur compounds. Tests show that onions kill various types of bacteria, especially when eaten raw.  Who knew?

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