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Is that Travel Toothbrush making you sick??

I don't know why I never thought that keeping your moist toothbrush under a cover after use was a good idea!?!  Studies have shown that if you cap your toothbrush, the more bacteria grows. 
One thing we don't need more of in our mouths is bacteria.  

If you are going to keep going the covered toothbrush route, I would suggest getting a Toothbrush Sanitizer.

Click on the picture above for a link to Brookstone, where they sell sanitizers for around $30. 
Not too bad of a deal, if can keep you from getting sick!

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Would you Rather....Shop or Floss?

According to a poll conducted 73% of people would rather go for grocery shopping
rather than Floss his/her teeth.

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Today is Belly Laugh Day!

Take it from this super cute baby and laugh it up today!

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Little Shop of Humor

Here is a clip of the opening speaker from the Dental Convention, Karyn Ruth White.  She recommends keeping humor in your daily life. 

Enjoy the video and remember to keep laughing!

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Rocky Mountain Dental Convention 2012

Our Office will be closed for the Rocky Mountain Dental Convention on January 19 - January 21st. 

We will be taking classes to learn new and innovative techniques to help our
patients with every aspect of their dental needs.

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Get your Dental Convention App Now!!

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Martin Luther King Jr.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

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How do you Squeeze your toothpaste?

A third of the population squeeze their toothpaste tube from the middle.  How do you squeeze yours?

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Decay in Children

Over 40%-50% of children will be affected by tooth decay before they reach 5years of age.
Have you had your child see the dentist lately?
Call us to Schedule:  970-668-1029

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Did you know...Root Canals Shouldn't Hurt

A Root Canal is usually not painfull.  The treatment should leave no more than a slight discomfort like when you have a filling done.  Yet this remians one of the most feared dental operations in the US. 

How many of you have said, when comfronted with something you'd rather not do, "I'd rather have a root canal."

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Sip All Day & Get Decay

This is a good way to remember what that soda does to your teeth!

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Happy New Year!! 2012 is here already

Happy New Year from all of us at
Frisco Dental!

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