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How do you Floss?

It is recommended to use enough floss to enable easy use, usually ten or more inches with three to four inches of taut floss to put between teeth. Floss is then wrapped around the middle finger and/or index finger, and supported with the thumb on each hand. It is then held tightly to make taut, and then gently moved up and down between each tooth.

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What does bone loss look like?

When you have gum disease the bacteria in your mouth can cause the bone holding your tooth into your gums to disenigrate. Making your teeth loose and can even lead to them falling out. 

Since you can't see the bone loss with out X-Rays the picture below shows the difference between a healthy tooth and one showing bone loss from Gun (Periodontal) Disease.

If you have gum issues come in and see us for a free Consult....970-668-1029

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Happy Memorial Day!

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Vanish Varnish - At Home Treatment

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Thank you to all our Service Men & Women

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Gum Disease is NOT a Minor Infection

Gum Disease can affect the overall health of your body.  Studies show that it can contribute to heart and respiratory disease, stroke, diabetes and many more...

The longer you let the infection breed in your mouth the more damage it can cause.  If you notice redness and inflamation in your mouth it's time to contact your dentist. 

We offer free consults, to schedule give us a call

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Would you Rather?

Sit in a dental chair or sit next to someone on their cell phone?

According to a Time Magazine Survey, 59% of Americans would rather
sit in a Dental Chair (and have work completed) instead of
someone talking on their cell phones. 

Makes you think doesn't it?  Which would you prefer?

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To all you Mothers Out there....

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Cheese can actually protect from Decay

Did you know that certian kinds of cheese can actually help prevent tooth decay?
What ones you might ask, Aged Cheddar, Swiss & Montery Jack.  

Eat up and Love your teeth at the same time!

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Today is the Day!

If any of you have Dental Questions this morning give Dr. Broten a call
while she's on Dental Line9 from 8 am this morning until 9:30 am. 

Call in Number:  303-698-0999

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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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Dr. Broten on Dental Line9

Dental Line9 has invited Dr. Broten back to offer dental advice! 
Tune in on the morning of Tuesday May 8th from 8:00 am to 9:30am
and call Dental Line9...303-698-0999

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Mexican Super Plant

What obscure Mexican super-plant is 1,000 times sweeter than table sugar, doesn’t cause tooth decay and could ultimately serve as a low calorie sweetener?

                                                 Lippa dulcis! Never heard of it?  Me either! 
This miracle plant like stated above is from Mexico and is a perenneal herb.  This plant has been used historically as a natural sweetner and medicinal herb.  Its use even dates back to Aztec times. 

The sweet taste is formed from a compound in the plant called  hernandulcin
Sounds like a good thing to use to stop that decay!

If you are in pain from too many sweets or any other reason come in to see us
To Schedule...970-668-1029

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