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Happy Leap Day!!

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3 Foods to Avoid for Healthy Teeth

Now, everyone loves a good meal but did you know that there are some foods & beverages that are better to be left on your plate or even better at the store?

Well, the refined ones anyway.  Refined Carbohydrates are defined as foods that have been processed by machinery that strips the bran and germ from the whole grain.  This process makes the carbs more fermentable therefore causing the Micro-organisms to form acids, which sets the scene for decay.

All chewy sticky foods, including dried fruit but most importantly candy can cause major damage to your teeth if you allow the sticky substance to sit.  Same as carbs can increase the acid in your mouth so can sugary chewy treats.  Sugar molecules get stuck in the grooves of and in between teeth. Eventually, saliva will wash it out, but when candy is sticky, it takes awhile raising your risk for decay.

Chewing Gum
In the above paragraph I mentioned that anything sticky and chewy isn't good for the health of your teeth and can potentially cause decay.  There are three ways that gum is sweetened, 1. Gold Ol' Fashioned Sugar  2. Artificial Sweetners 3. With sugar alcohols such as sorbitol and xylitol.  Xylitol is proven to fight the bacteria in your mouth that causes decay so the exception to the rule is that Gum, depending on how it's sweetened, can actually prevent decay.

Now everyone knows what to leave at the store, or to brush immedietly after to aviod decay.  And who doesn't want a happy smile?

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Want the Crown of a King?

This was something I came across the other day while looking for funny dental tidbits online. 

In two days time, Omega Auctions in the UK, will auction off a full dental model with extra replacement crown made by Elvis' dentist in Memphis, Henry J Weiss.  The model and crown come with multipule letters of authencitity from his dentists wife & sons. 

Dr. Weiss always kept the the mold and crown on hand in the event of a chip or other damage done to the permanent and even dubbed it "the kings crown". 

When this unusual item of rock memorabilia hits the auction bloack it is expected to fetch upwards of $15,000.  That's one really expensive crown!  And don't we all wish that we could afford to get two just in case something happened?

Have any interesting experiences with getting your crowns that you want to share?  Send us a comment we'd love to hear them.

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Dental Problems Don't Go Away without Treatment

If you think you have a problem, or if you are in ANY kind of pain...Give us a Call

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Happpy Mardi Gras!

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President's Day

Enjoy that long weekend, for those of you who have one. 

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Brush..But not too hard...

Really Hard brushing does more harm than good. It can lead to eroded enamel which
never grows back causing teeth sensitivity along with other oral problems.

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Valentine Flowers

All of us in the office would like to thank our wonderful patient, Marie, for the lovely flowers she brought in for all of us today.  I know the picture isn't the best but the flowers are perfect. 

Happy Valentines Day!

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Happy Valentines Day

From all of us at Frisco Dental, Happy Valentine's Day!!

Remember to brush and floss after all that Valentine Chocolate today, and if your tooth is
starting to hurt from all that sugar...Give us a call to schedule (970)668-1029

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Oral Cancer Screenings with Each Exam

Here at Frisco Dental we perform an Oral Cancer Screening during every Comprehensive exam. 

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We spend what on Dental Products per Year???

In the US each year we spend about 2 Billion Dollars on Dental Products.  And the picture above only shows 1 Billion in US 100 Dollar Bills.  That's a lot of Cash!

If we spend that much on just dental products, make sure to set some aside so you see your dentist at least twice a year to save yourself more money, time and time in the chair!

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Super Bowl 2012

Everyone enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday!

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Happy Groundhog's Day!!

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You don't HAVE to loose your teeth with Age!

Most people believe that tooth loss is a natural part of aging.  The fact is that with good oral hygeine and regular professional care your teeth can last a lifetime! 

Give us a call to schedule so we can help you keep those teeth, 970-668-1029

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