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How to Use Vanish Varnish

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Do you know the #1 Childhood Chronic Disease

Can you believe it's Tooth Decay? 

Pediatric dental disease is 5 times more common than asthma
 and 7 times more common than hay fever?

Left untreated, pediatric dental disease can lead to malnourished, bacterial infections, required emergency surgery, and even death. Dental disease has been linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pneumonia, poor pregnancy outcomes, and dementia.

America's Toothfairy wants you to Watch the video below:

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Energy & Sports Drinks will damage your teeth

A new study published in the journal General Dentistry found that energy and sports drinks contain so much acid that they start destroying teeth after only five days of consistent use. Thirty to 50 percent of American teens use energy drinks, the paper says, and up to 62 percent drink sports drinks at least once a day.

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Do you overbrush?

Does your toothbrush look like the one on the left above?  If it does you may be over brushing.  

People who brush longer and harder than necessary not only fail to make their teeth cleaner but actually risk harming their teeth and gums.

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Do you know how to choose a Toothbrush

Click on the image below to take the quiz:

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Never Forget...

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5 Dental Tools you should have at home

Interdental Cleaners
These little brushes are great for kids with braces and adults where flossing isn't cutting it

 Tongue Scraper
This tool dislodges bacteria and fungus that have made a home on the surface of your tongue,
they can be a short term fix for bad breath also.
Mouth Mirror
Everyone has seen one of these.  They are very useful in showing areas you may be missing with routine brushing and flossing. Mirrors can also reveal discoloration or even the presence of cavities.

 Dental Plaque Staining Kit
Does anyone else remember these from school?  These little chewable tabs will
 leave a pink residue on any areas that you are missing when you brush.  

Toothbrush and Floss
This is something everyone should have at home already!

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Today is Grandparents Day!

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What can you do to strengthen your teeth in adulthood

1. Get enough fluoride - This can be accomplished by your drinking water, toothpaste, dental treatments or mouth rinses.  Water fluoridation has reduced tooth decay in the United States by 50 to 60 percent since World War II.

2.  Eat/Drink foods good for your teeth - Such as Green Tea, in Japan it was discovered that men who drank at least one cup of green tea a day were 19 percent less likely to lose teeth than those who didn't take their (green) tea time.

3.  Take Vitamins that are good for your teeth and gums -  Calcium, Vitamin D (to help absorb the calcium), Vitamin A & Vitamin C.

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An apple a day....

So everyone knows the phrase "an apple a day keeps the Dr. away" but new research shows that an apple can be as harmful to your teeth as sweet treats or soda!  Dental experts are warning that the fruit should no longer be treated as snacks between meals because of its high level of sugar and acidity which erode teeth.

New breeds of apples that are appearing in stores are even known to have a 50% higher sugar content do to cross breeding of species. 

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Happy Labor Day!

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