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Happy New Years Eve!

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Happy Holiday's

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Remember Pearl Harbor

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Oral Cancer Kills

30,000 new cases of oral cancer are diagnosed each year and 9,000 people die.  Oral cancer is more common than leukemia, skin melanoma, Hodgkin's disease and cancers of the brain, liver, thyroid, stomach, ovaries & cervix. 

If you find something in your mouth get it checked out!

Call us to schedule, 970-668-1029

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Taking Care of your Gums can help your baby

It is estimated that 18% of the 250,000 premature babies born in the US each year may be attributed to infectious oral disease. 

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Do you brush correctly?

These are the most common mistakes, make sure you don't make them:
  • rinsing the mouth after brushing (so losing the protective fluoride we get from toothpaste)
  • brushing only once per day
  • not using a circular action with the brush
  • missing some teeth
  • not brushing for long enough
  • not brushing the area where the teeth meet the gums effectively

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Brushing After Meals?

Even though we have all been taught this is the proper thing to do, if you brush too close after your meal you can be doing more damage than good.

Brushing within half an hour of eating a meal or drinking a cup of coffee could ensure your teeth suffer worse damage. 

After drinking soda or acidic drinks, the acid burns into the enamel of your teeth - and the layer below the enamel, called 'dentin'.

Brushing at the 'wrong' time - particularly within 20 minutes of finishing a meal - can drive the acid deeper into your teeth, corroding them far faster than they would have rotted by themselves.

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I would know if I had gum disease

Millions of people don't know they have gum disease!

Don't just assume that your dentist will tell you.  Having an active role in your dental health will save you in the long run. 

If you think you may have gum disease call us to schedule, 970-668-1029, and find our for sure.

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Happy Thanksgiving

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Sharks don't need toothpaste

Did you know the outside of shark teeth is made up of fluoride, the active component of most toothpaste?

Although human teeth are covered in a different mineral, both shark and human teeth are equally hard.  Researchers already knew sharks never get cavities, and are able to replace their teeth multiple times throughout their lives.

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Helping your Acid Reflux will help your teeth

Acid Reflux can be affecting more than just your stomach.  Studies show that Acid Reflux can be damaging your teeth. 

If you are seeing more sensitivity call us to have it checked out

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Tea Tree Oil & it's many uses

Tea tree oil can actually be used to help stop bad breath. Many toothpastes and oral products use tea tree oil in their formulas. Sometimes it is even used in mouthwash and other solutions for stopping bad breath. 
Why is tea tree oil used in halting halitosis? Well, it has antifungal and antiseptic qualities meaning that it can kill fungi and bacteria that feed on food particles left in the mouth. The antiseptic property is mainly what makes it effective for preventing bad breath. 
Studies have shown that tea tree oil being used for bad breath is safe, since it is a 100% natural product. It is environmentally friendly since it is obtained from a renewable natural resource, and the tea trees are not disturbed and are allowed to survive.

However, there are unfavorable effects of tea tree oil for halitosis, and researchers recommend that you should go to the dentist and have a professional decide if tea tree oil would be appropriate for you to use to combat bad breath. Tea tree oil may not totally get rid of plague, and it can also cause allergies, even if the chance of this occurring is low. It may possibly alter hormone levels or cause allergic reactions.   Reactions are common with pure tea tree oil, so it is usually diluted when used;  however, it can also cause irritation when diluted.    It also should not be used if one is pregnant or breastfeeding.
As with anything, caution should be taken when using tea tree oil. 

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Remember our Vetrans Today

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Smoking and your Gums

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Today is Election Day

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End of Daylight Savings

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Crowns for Baby Teeth

I was surprised to hear that crowning baby teeth is a very common practice. 

The dentist might recommend a crown on a baby tooth because they will need it to properly chew their food, allow them to speak normally and help maintain space in their gums for his permanent teeth to erupt.

A crown can help stop the spread of dental decay as well. There are three types of crowns your toddler's dentist might use. Strip crowns are made from plastic and cover the entire tooth. Open-faced steel crowns are made with stainless steel and also cover the entire tooth. Veneered steel crowns are tooth-colored and cover the front of a tooth. The type of crown your toddler will need depends on the severity of his oral problems.

Lesson those baby teeth and take care of any decay as soon as you are aware of it.  

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Happy Halloween

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Seaweed better than toothpaste?

Microbes found on seaweed could provide an unexpected weapon in the fight against tooth decay, scientists have said.

They used an enzyme isolated from the marine bacterium Bacillus licheniformis which they were originally researching for cleaning ships’ hulls.

Newcastle University scientists claim that the enzyme can 'cut through' plaque on teeth and clean hard-to-reach areas.

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Help stop your child's tooth decay

A major  risk factors for early childhood tooth decay is frequent and prolonged exposure of a baby’s teeth to liquids, such as fruit juice, milk or formula, which all contain sugar.  Tooth decay can occur very rapidly when a baby is put to bed with a bottle or sippy cup.

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True or False....

Because gum disease is a bacterial infection, you can treat it with antibiotics


Research shows that antibiotics can be helpful in treating the disease 
but antibiotics alone will not cure your periodontal disease. 

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Did you know...

The employed adults lose more than 164 million hours of work 
each year due to oral health problems

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Do you grind or clench your teeth?

If you do, call us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Broten
to get outfitted for a dental night guard

Call to schedule...970-668-1029

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True or False...

Treatment for Gum Disease is painful


Come and see us for a free LANAP consult, where Dr. Broten can explain
our painless Laser gum surgery. 

Call to schedule...

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Want to increase your lifespan?

Regular check ups, clean teeth and a healthy mouth could increase lifespan and lead to early diagnosis, treatment and prevention of a range of diseases from anaemia to heart problems.

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Happy Columbus Day!

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Brushing is Good for your Lung Health

A recent study that came out of Yale University states that the health of your mouth can affect your lung health and the chances of getting pneumonia.

The team followed 37 subjects over a month. They found patients on ventilators who developed pneumonia had experienced a significant shift in the 'bacterial composition' in their mouths beforehand.

Another good reason to take care of the health of your mouth

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Do you have Dry Mouth?

Do you have Dry Mouth?  
If you do and it is left untreated it can lead to serious dental issues.  

Drinking water may relieve your symptoms temporarily but 
our natural saliva is the only sure-fire way to protect our teeth.

Here are a few suggestions to help:
1.  Mouth spray - These can range from $4-$10.  Look for sprays that have the Salivary LP3 Enzyme System made of three beneficial bio-active enzymes found naturally in saliva.

2.  Daily Cleaning - Make sure to use toothpaste that is SLS and alcohol free.

3.  Chew Gum - Remember gum that contains Xylitol are the best for your teeth

If none of these suggestions help, call our office with an appointment with Dr. Broten

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How to Use Vanish Varnish

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Do you know the #1 Childhood Chronic Disease

Can you believe it's Tooth Decay? 

Pediatric dental disease is 5 times more common than asthma
 and 7 times more common than hay fever?

Left untreated, pediatric dental disease can lead to malnourished, bacterial infections, required emergency surgery, and even death. Dental disease has been linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pneumonia, poor pregnancy outcomes, and dementia.

America's Toothfairy wants you to Watch the video below:

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Energy & Sports Drinks will damage your teeth

A new study published in the journal General Dentistry found that energy and sports drinks contain so much acid that they start destroying teeth after only five days of consistent use. Thirty to 50 percent of American teens use energy drinks, the paper says, and up to 62 percent drink sports drinks at least once a day.

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Do you overbrush?

Does your toothbrush look like the one on the left above?  If it does you may be over brushing.  

People who brush longer and harder than necessary not only fail to make their teeth cleaner but actually risk harming their teeth and gums.

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Do you know how to choose a Toothbrush

Click on the image below to take the quiz:

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Never Forget...

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5 Dental Tools you should have at home

Interdental Cleaners
These little brushes are great for kids with braces and adults where flossing isn't cutting it

 Tongue Scraper
This tool dislodges bacteria and fungus that have made a home on the surface of your tongue,
they can be a short term fix for bad breath also.
Mouth Mirror
Everyone has seen one of these.  They are very useful in showing areas you may be missing with routine brushing and flossing. Mirrors can also reveal discoloration or even the presence of cavities.

 Dental Plaque Staining Kit
Does anyone else remember these from school?  These little chewable tabs will
 leave a pink residue on any areas that you are missing when you brush.  

Toothbrush and Floss
This is something everyone should have at home already!

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Today is Grandparents Day!

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What can you do to strengthen your teeth in adulthood

1. Get enough fluoride - This can be accomplished by your drinking water, toothpaste, dental treatments or mouth rinses.  Water fluoridation has reduced tooth decay in the United States by 50 to 60 percent since World War II.

2.  Eat/Drink foods good for your teeth - Such as Green Tea, in Japan it was discovered that men who drank at least one cup of green tea a day were 19 percent less likely to lose teeth than those who didn't take their (green) tea time.

3.  Take Vitamins that are good for your teeth and gums -  Calcium, Vitamin D (to help absorb the calcium), Vitamin A & Vitamin C.

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An apple a day....

So everyone knows the phrase "an apple a day keeps the Dr. away" but new research shows that an apple can be as harmful to your teeth as sweet treats or soda!  Dental experts are warning that the fruit should no longer be treated as snacks between meals because of its high level of sugar and acidity which erode teeth.

New breeds of apples that are appearing in stores are even known to have a 50% higher sugar content do to cross breeding of species. 

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Happy Labor Day!

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Poor Brushing linked to Cancer

Everyone knows that you should brush, but did you know that taking better care of your mouth can potentially add years to your life?

Researchers found a link between high levels of dental plaque, or bacteria, and dying from cancer up to 13 years earlier than might otherwise be expected.

Another good reason to keep your dental visits up to date.  

To schedule give us a call....970-668-1029

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Worried about X-Rays?

Here at Frisco Dental, we use digital xrays! 
Reducing the worry, and making sure that you get the best diagnostic care
is very important to us.  The radiation released from our machines is the same
that you would get stepping in to the sun for a few minutes.

If you've been holding off come in and see us, 970-668-1029

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Not happy with your smile?

A gummy smile is also a problem of many. No matter if you have perfect teeth, too much gum or an uneven gum line lets your teeth look short. Today the laser is the fix. Without pain the laser cuts the gum line within minutes.

Call us to schedule .... 970-668-1029

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Is Bad Breath a Problem for you?

Come in to speak with our Hygeniest if this is a problem for you. 
Chlorhexidine might be offered as another way to combat the bacteria in your mouth therefore taking care of your bad breath and helping to reduce swelling and redness of the gums and bleeding when you brush.

Call us to schedule....970-668-1029

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Tower of Teeth

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Did you know?

Some people are born missing teeth?
The most common missing ones are the wisdom teeth.
The second most common is the lateral incisor, which is located next to the big front tooth.

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Did you know

Enamel is the hardest substance in the body, but it can break easily when eating ice or popcorn.
Also wearing tongue and lip piercings teeth can chip.

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Sour is just as bad as Sweet

                                     Sour candies, when tested, have a really low pH, nearing battery acid,
and can almost cause a melting effect on the tooth

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Happy Friendship Day!

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Did you know?

A Child’s tooth enamel isn’t mature until a decade after their teeth emerge

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