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Poor Brushing linked to Cancer

Everyone knows that you should brush, but did you know that taking better care of your mouth can potentially add years to your life?

Researchers found a link between high levels of dental plaque, or bacteria, and dying from cancer up to 13 years earlier than might otherwise be expected.

Another good reason to keep your dental visits up to date.  

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Worried about X-Rays?

Here at Frisco Dental, we use digital xrays! 
Reducing the worry, and making sure that you get the best diagnostic care
is very important to us.  The radiation released from our machines is the same
that you would get stepping in to the sun for a few minutes.

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Not happy with your smile?

A gummy smile is also a problem of many. No matter if you have perfect teeth, too much gum or an uneven gum line lets your teeth look short. Today the laser is the fix. Without pain the laser cuts the gum line within minutes.

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Is Bad Breath a Problem for you?

Come in to speak with our Hygeniest if this is a problem for you. 
Chlorhexidine might be offered as another way to combat the bacteria in your mouth therefore taking care of your bad breath and helping to reduce swelling and redness of the gums and bleeding when you brush.

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Tower of Teeth

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Did you know?

Some people are born missing teeth?
The most common missing ones are the wisdom teeth.
The second most common is the lateral incisor, which is located next to the big front tooth.

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Did you know

Enamel is the hardest substance in the body, but it can break easily when eating ice or popcorn.
Also wearing tongue and lip piercings teeth can chip.

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Sour is just as bad as Sweet

                                     Sour candies, when tested, have a really low pH, nearing battery acid,
and can almost cause a melting effect on the tooth

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Happy Friendship Day!

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Did you know?

A Child’s tooth enamel isn’t mature until a decade after their teeth emerge

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