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Happy Holiday's from Frisco Dental

Happy Holiday's to all our Blog readers out there.  We hope that you and your family have a very fun and safe Holiday season. 

Our office will be closed starting December 24, and will reopen on January 2nd, 2012 

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Soda...The Teeth Killer

Along with increasing your waistline, increasing the chance of heart disease and diabetes soda also does major damage to your teeth.  Diet can even be worse in some cases!
Just one little can has up to 12 teaspoons of sugar.  Just one sip causes the sugar to eat away at your teeth for up to 15 minutes!  And think of how long it takes you to drink a soda.  The sugar is happily muching away on your teeth for hours!  Think of that the next time you grab a soda! 

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How long do you Brush your Teeth?

Probably not as long as you should. 

According to research the average American brushes their teeth for a total of 45-70 seconds.  When you should spend 2-3 minutes. 

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Historical Floss

Did you know....The First Commerical Dental Floss was invented in 1882? 

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Holiday Season Reflections

Since it's getting close to holiday season, I like to reflect back on the past year, the good, the bad and the ugly to remind myself of the good and how things could be much worse. 

What are you most thankful for this year?

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Did you know.....

Proper Nutrition is Important for Good Dental Health!


Happy Thanksgiving 2011

Everyone here at Frisco Dental would like to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. 

Our office will be closed for the holiday, Thursday November 24, 2011, and will reopen on Friday at 9am

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Come and Visit our Office

Our practice has been dedicated to understanding the anxious patient for over 20 years. We offer a compassionate, caring, enjoyable environment with sedation options for anxiety reduction and time management. We listen to YOU!!!

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Happy Halloween!!

Wishing you all out there a Happy & Safe Halloween!
We will be on Frisco Main Street, in Front of our Office, this evening giving away toothbrushes and sugar free candy.  If you're in the area please come out and see us!

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How the Toothbursh Started

The 1st Toothbrushes were made of twigs from aromatic trees. 
People would chew on the tips to spread out the fibers and freshen breath.

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Craving Sugar In Between Meals?

If you really want sugar in between meals it's suggested that you munch on Apples, Bananas & Carrots!
Also, drinking milk instead of soda will help keep your teeth healthy.  Plus it's been proven that the more sugar you consume the more your body craves it!

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Plaque is made up of what??

Did you know... The Plaque that accumliates in your mouth is made up of more than 300 different types of bacteria? 

Just one more reason to keep that mouth clean and healthy!

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Recipe Contest!

We are putting together a cook book of delicious recipes that are of soft or liquid food for our patients that need ideas while they are healing from dental treatment. Please submit your recipe ideas!!! You will get credit for any recipe you send unless you request otherwise.

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Bad Teeth Used to be a Rich Person's Problem

Only a couple of hundred years ago bad teeth were a sign of wealth.  Can you imagine?  But when you think about it only the rich could afford the sugary sweet treats that are common now a days. 

Elizabeth I, although known for her warming smile, was also known for her black teeth. 

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Painfull Teeth, Don't try what the Ancient Chinese did..Come See us!

The ancient Chinese wrapped tiny pieces of parchment around painful teeth, all of which contained written prayers and incantations.

Don't wait around in pain, Give us a call....970-668-1029

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This Tounge is like no other....

Did you know....Like fingerprints, everyone's tounge is different?

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5 Summit County Local heading to Jr. Olympics

Taken from The Summit Daily
For the original

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Locals Tame Mach 1

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